How Spincycle Appliance all started...

Spincycle VanAfter taking courses in appliance repair while still in high school, Vic landed a job as a service technician at Sears at age 18. Soon he became a full-fledged service tech, got married in 1969 to his wife, Shirley, and began raising his daughters Tina and Tracy. Adept at fixing a wide range of household appliances, Vic received a promotion to technical supervisor, then to assistant manager. His corporate climb soon put him in charge of six units in Western New York, covering the Buffalo area, the southern tier, and as far as Erie,Pa. But in 1993, the giant retailer was facing serious financial difficulties on a national scale, he recalled. 

That day- he'll never forget it- was March 15, 1993. But it was to be, by Vic's own assessment, a new beginning, rather than a hopeless ending. After 26 years on a fast track upwards at Sears, Vic Burgio of North Tonawanda was the victim of an all-too-frequent corporate fact of life these days: downsizing. Vic was heading out the door - another victim of the retrenchment many businesses are undergoing to stay solvent in tough times.

Vic took all the knowledge and experience he'd built up and decided to put it to work for him. He was disgusted with large companies, the policies and the rhetoric. He and his wife decided to try to make a go of it on their own. Vic now operates Spincycle Appliance Repair, in North Tonawanda. Since opening, he's extended his reach into commercial refrigeration, and even appliance sales as a convenience to his growing customer-base.

We are a small business with big business know how! 

In addition to fixing your appliances we will provide advice on how to fix a simple issue and offer advice on new appliances!